Testimonial Letter 1

"Testimonial For Curt Creswell:

In May 2010, my wife and I finally sold our home on South Hood Canal. This sale came after some 3½ years of selling effort and active involvement and listing in the market. During this endeavor, we did everything we deemed practicable to attract and interest prospective buyers. And now looking back on this stressful experience, we’re certain that one of the best things we did along the way was to establish a working relationship with Curt Creswell, Sales Associate with Prudential.

We had previously used other out-of-area real estate agents. But when we met Curt and learned about his past experience (custom home builder, contractor, etc.) as well as his local real estate practice, we decided to go with him. We liked Curt on both personal and profession levels. In addition, we found it very appealing to work with an individual who has a more local presence to better help us find a buyer for our property. We now know that our decision back then was a significant factor in helping keep our spirits up. Curt also played a key role in continually reminding us about the critical importance of setting realistic purchase prices (and then adjusting them as necessary). This was particularly pertinent in light of a very troublesome local and national economy.

Not only is Curt a top-notch professional, but he combines his real estate expertise with valuable and effective marketing practices. We recall that when we first met him, he discussed this aspect of his practice. We learned that in light of the specific nature and location of our Hood Canal property (as well as the unprecedented economic woes), it would be critical for us to do everything possible to get the word out about our beautiful and serene place on Hood Canal. We suspect that our eventual success in selling our property is in no small way a reflection of Curt’s attention and professional attitude and performance.

We very happily recommend Curt to anyone who seriously desires to move their property in these less than sound economic times.

Signed: Dave and Kathy Folsom

- Dave and Kathy Folsom, Olympia, WA